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    Geoff Smith


    I live in the UK and I received my roadie 2 tuner today, why is it that I have to put

    about 100 lbs pressure on the switch for it to turn on ??

    And the same again to switch to the next mode, and every one after that also ?

    I will be honest my fingers hurt pressing this dam thing,  and tuning the guitar is

    slow not fast as you claim, I put in on the key, pluck the string, it turns the key but

    not in tune, so I pluck it again, it moves the key still not in tune, then a third time it

    goes green indicating its in tune ! this happens in EVERY key, so how can this be faster

    tuning if I have to do it over 3 times ??

    The guitar i'm tuning is a Gibson J-45 custom..

    Now when I compare this tuner with my other 3 different ones, its nowhere near

    a match ?

    For the amount of money I paid for this item £135  I think its a disgrace, I wont be wasting

    no time in telling the media, including video's,  about this over priced piece of junk !  

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    Roadie Team

    @Geoff Looks like you received a defective unit. Sorry about that. Please reach out to support@bandindustries.com and we'll get you sorted out right away.

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    Geoff, I had the same issue with the power/selector button. I emailed tech support and they replaced the device. It works great now. I mentioned problems with the time allotted to switch strings and receiving too many note recognition failures. Both problems have been fixed in firmware updates. Brian

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